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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blade Runner!

Well, I did my 5 miler today. It was o.k., but not as good comparatively as the 5K and 10K I ran over the last 6 weeks. I got beaten by 4 military personnel that were ages 50 and 51 and all ran together. They beat me by 5 minutes! I was also beaten by an afghan wounded 38 year old vet with a blade for one of his legs. Now I know that, technically, those blades have both a performance and weight advantage, but when you realize how much rehab the poor guy had to go thru, it is still pretty remarkable. So, I have run four races, and the two 5 milers were the worst of the 4. Don't know what other races I will run for the remainder of the year, but in this 50-59 age group, I am totally out manned, so I doubt I will try to run anything farther than a 10K in the next 13 months. Sure doesn't get any easier......

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