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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, I got to 57 miles over the last two weeks. Would have gotten to 60 were it not for the face plant crash on that Friday evening. Have been going easy this week in anticipation of Sundays 5 miler.
Guy and Pat were here for three days from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday morning. Was wonderful to see them, but got off diet and ate both lots and crappy. Have to redouble my efforts over the next three days.
Can now do 6 or 7 dips on the machine. It is very tough, and it will be hard to get to that "perfect" 10, but I will keep at it!
Weather is finally in the low 80's and high 70's. It gets to mid 40's at night and is wonderful sleeping weather. Every weed in the world is blooming, and the pollen counts in New Mexico and Texas lead the nation. Been sneezing our brains out!
Got my settlement from those fine folks at Progressive. They were absolutely excellent to work with and were more than fair with me. I will use the money to pay off the VW over the next few months, and then, want to start looking for a cheap small van camper to drive to distant races, Mesquite, etc. I am looking for these factors in this order....high MPG, Low mileage on the odometer, a good double bed, some form of toilet, a small air conditioner, and the ability to either stand up or come close!! that's about all. Maybe I could find a Road Trek 180 Popular or similar, or an older VW Euro camper van. Or maybe in Texas, one like in the picture......

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