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Monday, October 4, 2010

Snake Season Begins!

Well, as hurricane season is coming to an end, snake season is beginning in Deming. That is, for those Western State Diamond Back Rattlers..... As the weather cools, they start coming out onto the paths, roads, and trails to absorb the sun in the early evenings to keep their body temps up. In summer they hide from heat, in winter they hibernate, in spring they mate and send out the babies, and in fall they eat a lot of mice, rabbits, moles, frogs, etc to prepare for hibernation. There was an article in the Deming Headlight regarding the seasonal shift today. The picture attached is from mating season this past spring in a large drain pipe from Columbus. Pretty huh! Anyway, the babies are more dangerous than the large ones for two, they don't rattle yet and are more aggressive, and their venom is more of a neurotoxin in their youth, so they are more deadly. GREAT! So, for the next two months, especially when it is hotter and I am running in the evening, gotta stay more to wide clear paths and the roads! Hate those damn things......

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