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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Compromise Is For Pussies!

Well, I got 4 runs in this week....5 and 8 miles easy, a 7 miler with 3.25 @ threshold, and a 6 miler with 6 bye 1/3 mile at 5K pace. All in all an acceptable week. Don't have any runs until thanksgiving here in deming, and then in las cruces in mid December. Season is winding down. Trying to hold my fitness thru the end of the year, and then build a better 2011. We will see. I am always full of plans, but shit often happens.
It amazes me that the one thing that polled the highest from the exit polls during the election was that the parties compromise during this next 2 year period. Saw that Boehner's little fag buddy Eric Cantor said today that the republicans will shut the government down if the president doesn't return the full bush tax cuts. All of the other republicans that I have seen on tv say that the only compromise is if the democrats give the republicans 100% of what they want. The republican minority leader in the senate has said that the goal of the next two years is to give Obama nothing and to take the white house back. I understand all the frustrations that have caused people to vote crazy this year, but since when does being angry cause you to put people in power that vote totally against your interests, or are totally insane. I guess compromise is only for pussies....

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