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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Polish Patient!

On Friday, working late, Deb and company got a cat in that was in a trap for a few days. Some predator, weather a coyote or skunk, scented it. Deb was cleaning it and put it in a cage. She then went to pet one of her favorite cats that has been at the shelter for about 6 weeks. When she opened the cage, the cat launched itself at her and bit her hand repeatedly, and scratched her head and shoulder. We treated it with peroxide and alcohol, but on saturday morning, her hand was like a small catchers mitt. She told me to take her to the ER. They gave her a fast and regular acting tetanus shot, as well as an antibiotic shot. She has cellulitus (Cat scratch fever!) which is a bacterial infection inside her hand. They can be very dangerous. I have to take her to the regular doctor tomorrow. She is on antibiotics and pain meds. She is not the best patient. I call her the Polish patient. I told her to ask me to do stuff, but she is stubborn. From what I read, she will have some problems for at least two weeks. This will be fun. I will be doing thanksgiving, so I will simplify and skip a few things. No sweet potatoes, and store bought pumpkin pie. I told her she should stay away from the shelter until the new year, but she probably won't listen. I also asked the manager about their liability insurance for medical copays, and THEY DONT HAVE ANY. Now here is a place that lets school kids walk pit bulls!! The board will have a visit from me at their next meeting. They probably think that because they are a not
for profit board, that they have no liability risk. They need to be educated about negligent suits. ASSHOLES!! As far as running goes, I started taking Coach Benson's advise for the first week. I reduced my long run to 8 miles, all of it very slowly. I reduced my recovery run to 5 miles. I did 12 bye 20 second all out sprints during a 6 mile run. I went too hard, and had a sore back and knee after that. Have to not make that a suicide pace. Also did a 6 mile run with 8 bye 1/4 mile at 3K to 5K pace as he recommended. All in all, 25 good miles. Felt better than the last three weeks. Will stick with this coaching for a few months and see how it goes!

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