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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trotting With Turkeys!

Had a nice week all the way around. On the running front, I did a 5 miler that was supposed to be easy, but was in a 30 mph wind storm. Had a nice easy 8 miler. A 6 miler with 10 X 30 second strides. And finally, on Thanksgiving, a Turkey Trot. It was at the golf course up on Pine street. I ran 2 miles to the start of the race, ran the 5K (my garmin says it was 3.04 which I ran at a nice comfortable 8:50 pace), and then ran home for a total continuous 7 miles. I think I may have been CLEARLY the oldest runner there. They don't do any awards except overall man and woman winner, but I did have a goal of beating the chiropractor who owns ultimate fitness. I passed him at the 1 and 1/2 mile mark, and that ended up being pretty easy. Still think I was in the top 20% of the field, but the results are not online yet. Maybe this week. There were lots of walkers doing a one mile walk. They kept blocking the cart paths with their bodies, so I had to teach them as I always do when they aren't smart enough to leave space for the returning runners. Many folks have bruises today from sharp elbow shots! Otherwise, Deb's hand is doing well, and if she takes it easy for another week, she should be able to return to the shelter. I have reached 10 reps on the dips at the gym, but they are not strict reps yet, but that is good progress!! Well, I hope to run a hard and good race in mid december in las cruces!

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