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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Is Ignorant!

Bill O' was having a discussion with an atheist the other day, and decried that "you can't explain why the tides come in and out every day, only God can". HHMMNNN. Now in grade school, we learned how the orbits of the sun and moon with their gravitational forces cause the tides. I am sure that he doesn't understand the science of the internal combustion engine, but he does know about cars and driving. And he probably doesn't understand how the "magic" occurs that allows his ignorance to be spread over the airwaves from his TV show. We are a society which has somehow abandoned science in favor of magic. No human impact on global climate. No use of stem cells to cure a myriad of diseases. All of these people who don't believe in science or evolution need to give up all use of their modern scientific technology and move back into a cave and try to make fire!!

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