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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Cold New Year!

Well, it sure is starting out as a very cold new year! The high today is 37, and the weekend looks dry but cold. It doesn't get back into the 50's until monday.
I ended up running 1217 miles in 2010, which was pretty good considering all the work coming back from the three leg fractures. My goal at this stage of life is approximately 1250 miles per year, or 25 miles per week for 50 weeks. This allows two weeks for illness/injury. Hope I have that kind of year as I press age 60. Don't ever do any of that new years resolution stuff, but my two goals for this year are to try and hit that mileage, while at the same time, attempting to consistently do greater intensity thru short, medium, and long intervals. This will be the year I concentrate as much as possible on trying to maintain and increase speed. We shall see how that works. It is hard to do at this age without risk of injury.
While I was at the gym today, tons of folks came in to join for the new year. Last year the gym was pretty crowded for the first 6 weeks of the year, before everyone gave up on their new years resolutions and returned to their fat, slovenly, exercise free former lives.......hopefully that will happen again this year!

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