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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shaved Gezzer Head!

I really don't have much of a bucket list. Just a few things I would like to try before the big dirt nap. One of those things was to try and buzz cut my own head. The other day, I took the clippers, got out the 1/8" guide, and went at it. It was easy to get the bulk off in the first few minutes, but then, to make it even, I had to hit multiple angles for a long time holding a hand mirror while looking into the bathroom mirror. Took a lot of different swipes to get it all, but after I was done and deb came home, I had her double check it all and she couldn't find any spots I had missed. So, off the list it goes.
It is getting warmer over the next few days, and that will be just dandy for scooting and running. I enjoy the scoot more every day. My back has been bothering me for the last 3 weeks, and the cold air just irritates it more. Have been trying hard at the gym and in front of the TV to get the lower back pain and foot buzzing to relent.
Took sister sue to the skin doc to get her first skin cancer removed. She got a bit pissy about it cause she doesn't see why she should get one. Since I have had eight, wasn't too sympathetic. Wait about 10 days from now when the Aldera has made the spot look like hamburger! Then she will really get to see the joy of the treatment. Anyway, doc looked at a spot on my newly shaved head and for once, it was NOT skin cancer! Yippee!
Ran 6 miles Tuesday with 4 bye 3/4 mi at 10K pace with 2 minute recoveries, and then today I did 7 miles with 2.25 at threshold. Was not a good run today. Just didn't run well and my back was crappy. Will try for the usual 8 Saturday and 5 Sunday.

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