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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Fought The Spine, And The Spine Won!

Ever since we had a cold snap shortly after Christmas, I have been squabbling with my back over who was in charge. I had an especially difficult time doing longer runs and speed work. I thought that my back was just being irritated by the cold wind, but then it started to effect my buzzing feet, and over the weekend, my spine won. I had a bit of a breakdown. Since then, I have run just two times for 5 easy miles. Will probably stay there until I am HOPEFULLY symptom free. Weather has improved, and if nothing else, I will do whatever I can at the gym. So far, spinning on the bike and doing weights hasn't made anything worse. Boy oh boy, I truly only want to try and train and race for a few more years; since age groups run 10 years long here, I only really want to try and race into the summer of my 61st year, and then become a four or five day a week easy does it jogger! Lets see if I can get that far.....

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