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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Uncommon Cold!

My poor bride had a bad cold all week. She didn't get to spend much time with her shelter cats, and spent most of her time napping. Well, as luck would have it, I stole the virus from her Friday. Now this is a fine addition to my spine which is already giving me much in the way of grief. One of my biggest problems with this lifelong spine crap, is that every time it goes off, I am not sure if it is the FINAL time for my running career. It is not the back pain that scares me, but the referred neurological pain in my legs and especially feet. The feet are pretty bad this time. I know that two things will probably happen in the future; my running will end and my life will end. Now, I would like those things to be a ways down the road, and to happen pretty much together. My old friend Davey Parker told me shortly before his death that he was pretty much ready for the end because he couldn't drink, couldn't ride a horse, and couldn't have sex. He was gone three months later. So, as I nap here on the couch watching football, I keep hope alive that this will all be gone in a week, and I can get back to trying to run into just one more final age group. No one ever knows. You just gotta keep the faith!

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