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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cooter Scores A 100!

Had my Scooter driving test today. Had to do a narrow figure eight, a slalom thru four cones, a left and right hand sharp turn and brake, and a panic stop. No errors, no foot touching, just a smooth perfect score. All those practice sessions in the big funeral home parking lot paid off. Now I just have to go back in to the DMV one more time, give them more money, and get my regular drivers licence redone with the motorcycle endorsement. It was done at 5PM with one other guy on a crotch rocket. It was cold and windy, and he had a bit of a struggle moving that 1000cc beast around. He passed, but not without one foot touch on the slalom, and an ugly panic stop. He scored a 90. I would have failed on his bike, and probably dropped it on its side. Thank God for the monkey boy riding lawnmower!

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