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Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Do Americans Vote Against Their Economic Interests!

One of my favorite movies of all time is Momento, where Guy Pierce plays a guy who has no short term memory and has to tattoo or write constant messages on his body to try and figure out who and what he is after. All the TeaTards voted in all these governors and representatives, each vying to come up with something to say and do that represents more extreme right winged lunacy than the next one, to try and garner national attention. We are now talking about shutting down the federal government at a time when the populace is begging for more compromise in its legislators, and somehow "it's jobs stupid" has completely fallen away from our national discussion, when again, the populace wants that dealt with first and foremost. I saw a chart yesterday on CNN money comparing where 95% of the populace standard of living has gone since 1980, and where the top 5% has gone. Needless to say, the 95%ers have an inflated adjusted standard of living that is now below where they were in 1980, and the 5%ers are sixteen times richer. No coincidence that the 80's began the destruction of unions which represented 36% of the population then, now down below 7%. So what do you do to keep the sheep from thinking about why those bailed out bankers are still getting even higher bonuses even after our tax dollars kept them as ghost banks? Well, convince them that the entire economic collapse is the fault of those darn public sector employees. Don't demand that corporations provide defined benefit plans like in Germany, no, just destroy the public sectors plans. And the fact that public sector employees are 36% unionized still? Well, if you can kill them, then you have taken away 30% of all the monies given to the Democratic party, and you can pretty much stick a fork in any final hope to stop Corporations from completely controlling all federal elections in this nation. So when you think about 40 hour work weeks, overtime, weekends and holidays off, be prepared to watch those dissapear, cause they were brought to you by unions. And go back and remember what happened when the little newt shut the government down in December of 1995. When they do it this time it will hurt our entire economic system, and when the TeaTards start having trouble getting the doctor to take them with their medicare, and their social security checks stop coming begining March 10th, we will get to see their resolve! Keep your government hands off my medicare and social security. I hope they tatoo that date on thier flabby asses so they remember for the next time....

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