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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Southwestern New Mexico Big Freeze!

As I have been scooting to and from the gym over the last week (yes, I have not run outside in two weeks due to my back issues), I have noticed how many plants and trees look like they have died in the wake of the big three day record low temperatures we had in early February. There was an article in the local paper from the NMSU scientists about what is probably lost, and what might be possible to save. Pretty much all citrus trees, palm trees, and low cold tolerance plants have died. A few very large and expensive segura cactus trees have died. Most of the barrel cactus and mexican elder trees have died. I am most worried about my neighbor Ronnie and Dan's 20 foot Elder cause it looks pretty bad. My little 5 footer looks bad also, but there is at least growth coming from the ground at it's base. All in all, it looks like We may lose both barrels, our small elder, and one agave. Won't really know for sure until april when we see if there is growth on all the plants. Makes me glad that most of my plants are cutting or plants I paid less than $20 bucks for. Did pay $60 for the tree, and $80 for the big barrel. Between the weather, the damn jackelopes, and the underground pests eating roots, I surely won't be spending any real money on landscaping. Those colorful rocks that I pick up after running to decorate the yard seem to remain my best bets!

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