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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Class Warfare!

Very windy week! The next 10 day forecast calls for temps between 82 and 86 with lots more wind. I had hoped that we would escape this years windy season, but I guess it is just coming late. Hope it is all gone before Little "E" gets here to run with me on April 11th. Ran 5 times this week. A 9 mile long run, a 5 mile easy run, a 2 mile treadmill run to test a new pair of minimalist shoes, a 6 miler with 2.75 at threshold heart rate (pace was about 20 seconds off in the crazy winds) and a 5 miler with 4 bye 1/2 mile at interval heart rate, again a bit slow due to wind. Total of 27 miles. I am far from race shape, but should be able to keep Ernie on the move for the 6 days we can run!
Read this interesting take on the coming civil war being waged by the rich to destroy the middle class and punish the poor...... It is sad and very very true. If the rich didn't have growing markets of middle class in China, India, Taiwan, and others, they would not be able to both destroy our middle class and have markets to sell their wares in. So, again, how long will the sheeple miss the big picture and be diverted to all those bullshit issues that those repubnicunts don't really care about.....

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