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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beemer Boy!

What a gorgeous week of weather. Got to run 4 times without a shirt. A 4 and 9 mile easy run, a 5 miler with 4 bye 1/2 mile (pretty slow!), and a 6 miler with 2.2 miles at hoped for 10k race pace (for the New Mexico summer games). That one went well. Weather next week averages about 5 degrees cooler per day, but still in the mid 70's and sunny. Hope it all holds up for a few more weeks until Ernie gets here for a week. When he heads from here to Charlotte, Deb will be heading back to Ohio to visit Mary, her sister Shari, and then toward the end of the trip, her sister Miki. The three sisters are also planning a September week long trip to Hawaii. We can only afford it thanks to my settlement from getting run over a year ago September. I told Deb I am not planning to get hit again, so this will be her big vacation year for a while!
Talked to terrible terry today. He got his contract extended until he starts full time on march 28th, so he couldn't come. But, he has lots to do there. He has been cleaning his house out. Today his house went up for short sale. He wants to get his possessions down to what would fit into a one bedroom apartment. He did buy a 1988 BMW K750C motorcycle from a BMW motorcycle mechanic. It is white with a short seat (29" vs 31") so his feet sit flat on the ground when he stops. The K series is called the "box", cause the engine is a horizontal 3 cylinder that looks like a large shoe box. The picture attached looks like his, except he also has the hard shell side bags. The bike gets about 55 mpg, similar to my scooter. It is a shaft drive and weighs almost the same. He is scheduled for a safe drivers course in May which will get him cheaper insurance. He expects 5 buck gas over the next year, so he is preparing.....

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