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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Color Coordinated Runner!

During my hey day as a racer in my thirties and forties, I was always preoccupied with having my running "kit" (as the british call it) both look good and color coordinate with the racing shoes I had bought for that season. Weird huh. It never made me any faster, and I doubt that anyone other than me cared how I looked. My bride Deb used to be amazed at the lengths I could go to do this. I loved bright neon colors. The only other things that I would enjoy with such fervor were ties and Hawaiian shirts. I have fallen away from this fashion requirement in my racing attire over the last ten years. Probably because I don't feel fast or preform in any sense like I once did. Now, if I can get to one final running age group over the next two years, should I celebrate with one last splash of color? How about these awesome asics gel noosa triathlon shoes. They are no lighter than my regular asics ds trainers, but damn, what an amazing color combination......

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