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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buyers Remorse!

I saw a lot of poll results today on both Wisconsin and our federal legislators. It was amusing to see all the comments regarding what these republicans said on the campaign trail, and what they are in fact, attempting to legislate. Somehow, jobs jobs jobs has been replaced with debates on the definition or rape, planned parenthood, that old definition of marriage crap, cutting funding to any programs that help the poor, and in oh so many states, collective bargaining. In Wisconsin, we have 8 republicans who are facing drives to recall them. A full eighty one percent of americans now want the rich to have tax increases, and more than seventy five percent are against changes in social security and medicare. Shock of shocks.....their legislators don't give a rats ass what the sheeple want. The sheeple are just too stupid to remember what those CANDIDATES promised vs. what those ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES actually vote for. Whatever they promise, they will only do what their corporate donors tell them they want done. When the campaigns return, the same bullshit rhetoric will prevail, and they will touch on all the correct repugnicunt talking points, blab about the definition of marriage, abortion, tax cuts, entitlements, starting more wars, and other reruns. And the Sheeple will vote them in again......

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