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Sunday, March 13, 2011

All Hail The Weather Gods!

Beautiful week of weather topped off by a wonderful Sunday! I washed the car and scoot today, did a bit of yard work, and then did a short run. Ran 4 times this week; a 7 and an 8 mile long runs, 5 miles with a miserable attempt at three miles at threshold, and a very tired 4 miler today. Back has improved a good bit this week, but still not sure it is ready for full training mode. Lets hope it keeps improving. Got good news on my boy terrible....he was hired full time by freddie mac. He will be off until either the 28th or 30th of march, so once he gets all his paperwork sorted out, he plans on coming out to see me for a week. He hopes to be here a week from monday. I also talked to Billybob, and it looks like Kathy has finally come to her senses and is willing to negotiate within the confines of what his financial situation will be based on his permanent disability payments. They have rescheduled the hearing again and are negotiating. I enjoyed 3 days of running shirtless this week, as well as some shirtless work in the yard. Got some of that free vitamin D! I am like Borat.....ready to get some tan lines!

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