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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artistic or Autistic?

I have been trying hard to do some different work around the house while my bride is running around the Midwest for a month. Got the yard squared away, most of the house cleaned, and lots of trim painting, caulking, and adding new shower heads. The next big job is going out with brown caulk and patching a few cracks in the outside stucco. Then, my neighbor Joe and I, are gonna tackle putting this white sealer on the roofs to extend the life of the asphalt roofing, and cool down the house in summer. That will be an on and off all week job! Gotta work that around taking my sister on all of her doctoring adventures. Anyway, I am neither handy nor artistic. But, I got a bug up my ass to try and do this stencil thing on the kiva fireplace. So, I went online and ordered this stencil, and put these three different paint colors on with brush and sponge. It ain't perfect, but it came out like a native american would paint with dried roots and ground beetle dyes to paint on rocks. The hardest part was keeping Mugsy the cat from trying to jump at it, because he thought "it was something". So, the colors of brown, red, and metallic gold matched the tile pretty well. I will leave well enough alone!
As far as running goes, a pretty good week, even though it was darn windy. Tomorrow will represent 6 days of running in a row, and then monday, Sister Suzi and I head back to Silver City to the Lung doc for more tests....

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