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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good May Day Run!

Well, for the first of May, it was actually cool today. A cold front came in and dropped snow at elevations in northern New Mexico, but just brought a cool sunny windy day to the Bootheel ( High today hit 69, but the winds made it feel a bit cooler than that. I got in a nice 9 miler, with 7.5 miles easy at an average heart rate of 127, and then I picked it up for the last 1.5 miles to Half Marathon pace and a heart rate average of 137. All in all, felt pretty good. I then got out the car (and a jacket) and washed last tuesdays sand dunes off of it from suzi and my trip to silver city. We will start out for there tomorrow with a clean car. Before I came in, I took a picture of me next to my favorite 4 foot cactus in the side yard that has been blooming the last few days. Don't see it often, so I took a shot of my big head behind the blooms. sort of worked! Next week is another sunny and warm week (we have not had any rain thus far in 2011....not like ohio, huh mary!), where by weeks end it is supposed to hit the low 90's. I may even put the air conditioning on low! Anyway, three months to the New Mexico Senior games so it is time to get my shit together!

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