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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Ernie Virus!

After three weeks of 30 to 34 mile a week running, I was due for a recovery week, but instead, I got a week of Cold virus troubles instead. Counting tomorrow, I will have gotten out 5 times for either 3 or 4 mile runs, so hopefully, one good transition week, and I can get back on track for preparing for the New Mexico Senior Games 10K.
Was reading an article in a British running magazine this week, and it included a test run to measure fitness. In order to be in the excellent range, you have to cover the following distances for the applicable age groups in twelve minutes. 1.65 for 20-29, 1.61 for 30-39, 1.54 for 40-49, 1.45 for 50-59, and 1.37 for 60 plus. Now that represents running these paces for each of these age groups....7:16, 7:27, 7:47, 8:16, and 8:45. Now in my 30's, I was running 5K's at 5:45-6:10 pace. At 41, I covered a marathon at 7:17 pace. At 51, I could still cover a 5K between 7:00-7:10. So, you would think that running 5K at 8:45 at age 60 would be a no brainer. BUT, even though I covered two 5K's last year in the 8:37 to 8:45 pace range, that doesn't insure that I will be able to do this during the late fall of this year into the spring of next year. For now, once ever three weeks or so, I am going to start to do an embedded 12 minute time trial to see if I can get there.....

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