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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Tumbleweed Track!

When I lived in Ohio and Nevada, I generally did my speed work on a track. Then came the days of the Garmin GPS watch which liberates one to do their speed work anywhere. Near my home here in Deming is the Luna County Garage. The garage name is a misnomer. It is more of a parking facility for trucks and a place to pile old tires and all kinds of junk. It is fenced in, and on the two long north and south running sides of the facility are well maintained dirt service roads. These two service roads and the small section in front of the garage represent my track where I do interval training from short sprints to 3/4 mile repeats. The only problem is that sometimes, depending on wind direction, I have to clear the sections from piles of tumbleweeds before I can start my intervals. Other times, the wind or the maintenance crew clean it up for me. It is nice and smooth, soft, and flat. Perfect for intervals. Today, I ran about 3 and a half miles as warm up and then completed two 3/4 mile repeats at 1/2 marathon pace, two half miles at 10K pace, and two quarter miles at 5K pace. After cooling down, another Thursday 8 miler was done. Also sore and tired, but not as badly as last Thursday. My best friend Ernesto will be here next week and we will do some kind of easy modified repeats on my Tumbleweed track on one of the days he is here!!

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