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Saturday, April 9, 2011


After spending days cleaning the house, decks, and windows, we were awakened today with a nasty sirroco. The winds were swirling over 50 mph, and came thru the eastern side of the house with the open windows, even though the storm came from the usual west, and those windows were closed. Had a nice 1/4 inch sand pile all thru the house. So, got to repeat my floor and counter cleaning again. It is usually useless to clean in the spring, and I would not have done it except for having a visit from my bud little E. Want to clean the car and scoot tomorrow, but this storm is expected to still be in effect, with possible rain. So, we shall see. Going to wait to run until closer to sundown when the winds USUALLY slow down dramatically. Ran 30 miles over 6 run days last week (including two 3 milers with low drop minimalist shoes on the treadmill), and am trying to duplicate that again this week. See if those pesky winds allow it to happen.....

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