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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Windy Visit To Las Cruces!

Ernie and I went to Las Cruces today for a nice run, lunch, and visit to Picacho Hills to look at some nice houses. The run was on rough dirt on Geothermal Road up to the base of the observatory mountain. It was uphill with the wind (which was 35-40MPH), and then downhill against the wind. Very tough run. After three days, I think that I finally have him pretty worn down. We went from there to La Posta restaurant in Old Mesilla for some wonderful mexican fare, and then up into the hills to look at a few nice homes. It was a wonderful day. You can tell Ernie was wind blown and tired by his picture! The other picture is Toucan Sam, one of three nice birds caged in the lobby of the restaurant. It has been a nice visit with little E so far.......

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