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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Virginia Virus!

What an odd vile virus. My bride came home to me last Wednesday with the beginnings of a virus. I began to succumb on Saturday. This virus is odd in that as opposed to many other viruses, it doesn't blast you immediately and then recede, it builds for a week and gets worse every day. I have not had a sore throat like this since I was a kid. Feels like broken glass in my throat. Makes sleeping crazy. My throat is a checkerboard of red and white splotches, and my lungs are filled with multi-colored phlegm. Hope it ends soon, as it will take a while to return to form, and time is running out for those senior games. If I miss those, then there is no real impetus to train hard again until the fall when I approach a few races in the 60+ age group.
10 day weather forecast bounces between 94 and 97 degrees, so summer has begun. We closed up the house and cranked on the air conditioning for the first time. Will probably remain on until mid September.

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