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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like Sarah Palin, This Virus Won't Go Away!

This virus is one of the worst I have experienced since childhood. It's a mixture of feeling like there is glass in the throat with red and white blotches, lung blocking thick phlemn, crusty eyes, burning eustachian tubes, and general feelings of crapiness. It is also odd in that in built over 5 days as opposed to hitting you hard from the front, and it is still hanging on here 9 days later! Been on antibiotics for 5 days, and I sure hope they keep me from getting some crazy ass secondary infection. I was able to get short runs in during the last 4 days, but I have kept them short and easy, because this has also kicked my asthma up pretty fiercely. Been running each day at about 7:30, as we are now in a very hot 10 day heatwave. Areas of eastern New Mexico have hit records, even in areas whose altitude make it unusual. Ruidoso, at 7 thousand feet hit 104 yesterday, and is supposed to hit 110 today. These are clear records for this area. So much for man made climate change.
Watched the half term quitter from wasilla (and now outside of phoenix with her new spread) parade around at rolling thunder today and attempt to steal the spotlight from the rally that supports MIA and POW efforts. I know she is not really running for president, as everything now is just to suck money from the dumbest collection of sheeple on the planet. Why does the media continue to follow around these media whores like her and trump. I just want them to really run and get slaughtered in debates or disappear......

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