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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Snowbilly Grifter's Magical Mystery Tour!

Where's Dildo? The Snowbilly Grifter is off on her summer family vacation using PAC monies to finance it. Since she hasn't declared any candidacy for anything, she is just using the Sheeple's money for her own "learnin' vacation". Oh my how stupid can the sheeple get. The half time quitting governor and FOX media whore has just bought a big spread in Arizona, so unfortunately, the snowbillies will join all those tea baggers outside of Phoenix. One state away is just too close for comfort for me!
On Tuesday, I decided to clear almost all stock and ETF's, and converted to cash, bonds, and inverse ETF's such as DOG, SH, and PXQ. Those are the inverse ETF's for the Dow, S&P, and the Nasdaq. Put simply, they rise or fall in the exact opposite direction of those indices. These pundits keep referring to the economy going into a "soft patch". A soft patch is a slowdown within an overall economic growth period. Not so sure. With the free money ending from QE2, the incredibly dangerous and reckless risk of the debt ceiling standoff, is it really going to be a soft patch, or are we gonna set up a double dip. So, if you believe the market will either soften or really fall over the summer, it is time to try and protect yourself. You gotta ask yourself, do you see growth accelerating thru the rest of the year? hhmmmnnn.
Got 4 runs in so far this week, and expect I will go 7 for 7 and get in about 32 miles or so. The death virus is finally leaving, but my speed is down about 10% from where I was before the bug, so I got about 8 weeks to try and get back there. Gonna be close....

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