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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speed Taper!

I am in the first few days of the tapering process, and the weather has been very cooperative. Comparatively cool and overcast in the evenings. There are two types of tapers that have been studied scientifically. One is your basic 10 day reduction in mileage. The other, which I am doing, is a speed taper, where, along with the reduced mileage, you do some amount of speed work during each of the taper days. The studies have shown a greater racing improvement with the speed taper process. As the days mileage keeps going down, you do shorter and shorter intervals along with the mileage reduction. Tuesday I did 7 miles with 4 intervals of 1K (.62 miles). Today I did 6 miles with 6 repeats of .35 miles. I will do 5 miles Saturday with about 5 intervals of about .2 miles, and then next Tuesday, 4 miles with about 6 repeats of about 40 step strides. I should hit about 25 miles this week, for a total of 244 miles over the past 8 weeks. Hopefully the taper and weather will continue to go well, and I will keep feeling stronger over the next 6 days. Hopefully we won't get one of those "haboob" wind storms during the games like they had a few weeks ago in Phoenix!

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