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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Official; I'm A Girl!

Went to the doctor today to review my annual blood work to see if I can keep resolving these issues that keep getting uncovered, one issue at a time. So far, I have resolved my vitamin D level with supplementation, taking it from below normal to the top end of normal. I recently started iron supplementation, and now my white blood count is back at 4 in the low normal range, and my red count is still low but out of the anemia range. Since this is working, he wants me to double up on the iron. With omega 3 fish oils, I have dropped my cholesterol by 40 points, and raised the good HDL cholesterol to the top of the range. With magnesium orotate, I was able to end the problems I had with palpitations. And finally, with potassium to counteract the excess sodium in my diet and energy drinks, I was able to get my blood pressure back to 120 over 80. So, In three years, I felt like I did pretty well at fixing each problem as it popped up. So, during my last blood draw, because I still felt lethargic and slow to recover, the Doc suggested checking my testosterone level. Well today he gave me the result. It was 5.75, which I thought was pretty good out of ten. But, it's not out of 10. Normal range for males is 7.25 to 25, and for men 60 years of age, 13 to 15 is pretty good. I have the testosterone level of post menopausal women or a little girl! So, next Tuesday, deb and I go back up to Silver City for deb to learn to give me a testosterone shot in the butt....and then she gets to stick me every month. He will then check me again next year to see if I have graduated out of girldom. Now I sure hope THIS will help me increase my muscle mass, speed, recovery, and make a general positive impact on my attempts to train for two more years!! We shall see!!


TerribleTerry said...
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TerribleTerry said...

Doper!! Next thing we know you'll be racing in the Alps for Radio Shack! :-)