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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lance's Ponytail Army!

I did the 10K at the livestrong philly race today. This is the first big city event I have done in a number of years. Now, as runner's world has noted from their statistical evaluation of 2010, races like this are now dominated by women. The young ponytail brigade loves these races for social causes and massive fund raising. There were literally thousands of them today. I obviously could not race this event due to the field size, so I just tried to tuck in and plod along. I am glad that I did, because it was constant rolling hills and pretty hot and humid. There were hundreds of teams each wearing their team shirts, and of course there was a massive sea of lance yellow. Livestrong has raised 300 million dollars in the last 10 years, so even though I don't think that much of Lance, this cause is marvelous. All the runners who have lost people to cancer had names pinned to the back of their shirts, and also the cancer survivors had special tags that they wore up by their shoulders. That was pretty frightening due to how damn young so many of them looked. When we got back, terrible and I walked to city sports to get him new shoes and compression pants. I fell in love with this zip top patagonia green fleecy sweater, and terrible bought it for his dad. What a special son. Sorry Mary, you are NEVER getting this!! All in all a nice day with my son and good friend billybob.

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