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Monday, August 15, 2011

Yo Adrian!

Well, after raining all day yesterday, it rained all morning today. I decided to head out mid day in a light drizzle. My legs were like lead bricks from that rolling workout on the treadmill yesterday, and 4 sets of leg presses. I am sure not noticing any recovery improvement or performance improvement from the Test shot. Today was the first day where there was no time restraint on my run, so I chose to accomplish one goal as part of my run.......touch the Rocky statue. I started out on 25th St. and ran to the trail, and headed toward the Art museum. You have to get off the trail and cross two quick streets to get there. Once I was at the back of the Art museum, I started to circle it looking for those steps up to the statue. I found the steps, but the statue is actually next to them in a garden. They moved it last year probably to deter dolts like me from running up and down them and irritating people. I jogged up around a bunch of folks, touched the statue (some people took a picture of me for God knows what reason), and then headed back to the sure-kill. There were very few folks on the trail, and I proceeded out a bit further than the previous two times. Once I turned around, I took off my shirt and enjoyed the nice breeze in my face all the way back to the end of the trailhead and back up to Naval Square where Billybob lives. It was a nice 7 miler, and the last 2 miles were the best, because I finally seemed to loosen up and get my short old man stride back. Tomorrow I will either take the day off or repeat the treadmill experience. So far so good here in Philly land!

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

Geez....where were you touching him that made those folks want to take your picture doing it?