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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Treadmill Day!

It is a rainy sunday here in Philly. I am not used to it raining all day long. 2 hours is the general max for rain in the great southwest. Kwonie and I got up and make meatballs and a monster vat of pasta sauce while Billy hit the catholic church near bye. I told him to pray for my wretched soul. When he got back we had coffee and toast, and then i headed down one flight on the elevator to the gym. Billy happens to live in the one building where the gym is, and in fact, it is almost directly below him. The treadmills are matrix ultimate bed units. They look like the picture, except they have small tv's attached to the top of them. They have a wonderful smooth bed, and move in speed and incline very precisely. On friday I set the machine to 5K race, and it did a 3.1 mile event, and counted down in kilometer increments. Today, I set it for "rolling hills" and four miles. I set a conservative pace, which turned out to be good, because the machine moved between .5 and 3% incline about every two minutes for about a half an hour, and then proceeded to level until I finished. When it leveled, I slowly increased speed all the way until the end. That turned out to be a pretty solid workout. I then hit all of the weight machines for another 45 minutes or so. Pretty whooped when I was done. As usually happens, I found some machines I like better than the ones at the gym in Deming, and others not as much. The smith machine is the machine I use most, and it was nearly identical. The leg press put way too much pressure on my back compared to the one at home. All in all, a nice day at the Gym. Tomorrow I will hit the sure-kill again, but try to avoid "rush hour"!

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