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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deb's Return!

The sister bonding experiment is coming to an end shortly, and Deb will be traveling overnight back to the New Mexico Bootheel! I have done the two big jobs I had planned in her absence, as well as a bunch of little jobs. Tomorrow I will wash the bedding and the TDI as the last of the tasks. I figure she will spend two fibromyalgia days in bed, so clean sheets on her tempurpedic bed will be nice. I have run fairly well in her absence in both mileage and different speed sessions. I am also due another testosterone shot. I can now notice that the effects, both good and bad, end in around 14 to 17 days, so I will need to try and stay around that frequency until I get to review it with the doctor in November. So far the positive effects outweigh the negative, so I will stick with it. Weather is unfortunately staying well above average, so I am still running an hour before sundown. It will be nice being able to run earlier in the day, and October is usually my favorite month here in Deming. Since there is a good chance I will spend part of the month in Philly, I sure hope they have good October weather also!

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