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Friday, September 23, 2011

Tax The Rich Or Eat Them!

As the next great recession appears in our headlights, it's time to either tax or eat the rich! The two groups punished hardest in this jobless shit storm are those trying to come into the job market, and those 50 and over who are losing jobs and finding out that they will never be hired again. Now to help both groups, the older ones should be allowed to access social security and medicare benefits as a one time generational exemption, and this should help open up jobs for the young ones. Now you are saying, "Tom, how the hell could we afford this"? Easy, either tax the living shit out of the rich or eat them. These so called job creators had twelve years to take all of their spectacular tax breaks that now make them the richest of the rich since the last great depression, and turn that money into jobs. They didn't. Times up. Give back the money or give up your fat asses to the big smoker for barbecue. Now much of this could have been avoided if all of those duechebags who supported these two unnecessary wars would have talked that imbecile Dubyuh into actually PAYING for those wars with a war tax instead of being told to just "go shopping" and to put ribbons on their SUV's. Didn't think the war was important enough to send THEIR kids too. And drafts are so passe'. And all those infrastructure and green jobs could be given to all those young folks that are unemployed or soon to be unemployed war veterans that we can't find any jobs for as they come home. Oh, and for all those T-tards who want to shrink government, start by reducing the US Senate from 100 to 50, and the US House from 435 to 145, limit them to two terms, cut out their medical coverage and pensions. After all, they are all rich people who don't need any of these benefits, and they don't really hold "real jobs". Cause government jobs don't stimulate the economy and government needs to be starved. Lets starve the head first!

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