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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First 60th Birthday Present!

The beautiful princess Kwon Lee Weber, and the handsome Billybob Weber Lee, sent me an Ipad 2 for a birthday present. It is awesome. I have spent the past two days trying to learn as much as I can about how to use it. I bought a $10 book at Barnes and Knobles called "ten minutes to the Ipad 2". Five hours later, I think I have most of it down. Last night I streamed a netflix movie and watched it in bed with the headphones on. Excellent HD picture and sound thru the headphones! I have bookmarked tons of my regular websites, downloaded a couple free books, and will search for some excellent running Aps for it. I noticed they have a free one to track mileage on each of your pairs of running shoes. I actually keep track of this on a sheet inside my running log. There is also a free run log AP. Now my Ipad leatherheads name for my fantasy football leagues will even be true!! So, this is my first blog post using it! Does it look any different? (yes that IS a joke!)

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

first comes the comes the diaper pad :-)