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Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, since deb has been in hawaii for the past couple of days, I started doing my "debs on vacation" chores. I started the floor washing and general house cleaning. Once it gets a few degrees cooler, I will get up on the roof and finish the final roof coating over the garage. Today she was at the vocano looking for lava. Don't know how hard that is to find, but I just hope she is carefull. Don't want her melting her shoes. Today when I was vacuuming the carpet, the vacuum caught fire. After I got it out, it went into the trash. We now own a new eureka turbo canister vacuum.
It has been three shots of Testosteroni in the ass over the past 7 weeks and here are my results so far. My nipples are sore like I am wearing sandpaper shirts. I have gained about 4 pounds that appear to be fluid retention. My recovery seems to be a bit better. I don't feel so much like I have been run over by a truck the day after a hard or long workout. I have covered 101 miles over the past three weeks. Otherwise, don't notice anything too magical. We shall see how it goes over a 6 month period and then review it all with the doc. Here is my official race photo from the "Dances with ponytails" in Philly. Danger......old man running!

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