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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Record Week For 2011'

I got in a very long and hard week again, and have set another record for a week this year. I covered 38 miles. Two 3 mile treadmill runs with hills the last mile. Two 5 milers, one at NMSU where I did 10 hill repeats and a few ugly football field sprints, and another where I did 8 repeats of one minute at about 800 meter pace. An easy 6 miler. A 7 miler where I did 1.5 miles at 10K pace, .7 at 5K pace, and .6 ten seconds faster than 5K pace. And a long easy 9 miler. I am tired and pretty knee knackered. Definitely need an easy week this week before I push another month or so. I found a 5K to race 6 days after my birthday, so I am 6 weeks away from testing weather this testosterone induced super hard training will pay off! I have no desire to train hard for the sake of training hard. After 4 "T" shots, two things are very clear. I have gained about 8 lbs. that is probably at least 5 lbs. water, and the improved recovery has allowed me to train much harder again.
Deb got me this T-shirt in Hawaii. It is pretty close to my regular mantra....60 is the new not dead!

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