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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BillyBob's Odyssey!

My friend Billybob had a variety of lights and surgical equipment shoved up his penis yesterday to cut some growths out of his bladder. They suspect them to be mesothelioma growths, and not another form of cancer. After their removal, he was flooded with a chemo therapy solution, and left with, as he describes it, "a freakin' garden hose in his penis". I called today to check on him again, but he didn't answer. I assume he is home, highly drugged, and sleeping like a very large baby. He will get the biopsy results in the next 7 to 10 days. I hope it remains the meso cancer, and continues to stay away from his lymphic system. He, Kwonie, my bride, and I are planning a February visit to Vegas. I want him feeling dandy for that.
After missing 4 days with the damn calf pull, I was able to run easy for 4 miles last friday, 5 on saturday, 6 on sunday, 3 on the treadmill monday, 7 yesterday with 4 bye 3/4 mile at about 15k pace (scared to try and run any faster), and 3 on the treadmill today. The calf still hurts and my form is completely compromised. Will not be in shape for the november 20th race to the level I had hoped, but will do it anyway just to get the ball rolling.
Talked to my rum soaked brother during the last two days to try and work on arranging a holiday visit for suzi to the islands. Left a message for my niece Ally to call me to try and get them both to understand what they will need to do to potentially prepare for her. We also need to get her a portable oxygen concentrator in preparation of the event. We shall see how this goes.....

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