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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trying To Work Back Into Regular Schedule!

I tried to start to work back into my regular schedule this week. I covered 37 miles including a very hard long run of 9 miles (missing 3 weeks at this made for a hard return), a 6 miler with 6 bye a half miler at about 10K pace, and a 7 miler with 4 bye 3/4 at about 15K pace. All the runs seemed sluggish, and my calf is still not quite allowing me to push too fast. I have been wearing compression calf sleeves as much as possible. I have also gained about 2 pounds for each of the 4 Testosterone shots. I will see the doctor next month, and in the mean time, for the next three weeks, live on salads and low cal frozen meals. I think much of it is water retention, but some my be the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. There is a pill you can take along with testosterone that stops that conversion, so I will discuss it with him. Not too much else going on in my world these days as I approach that 60 year bench mark in two weeks..........

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