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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Excellent 4 Days!

After running well last sunday at the race, I decided to push hard this week, and then taper down again for my race on December 4th. On monday, I ran 10 miles with the last two at half marathon pace. Tuesday I hit the gym and did 3 easy miles on the treadmill. After sunday and monday, I had a good case of DOMS....Today, I wanted to do 7 miles with three hard miles of intervals. I warmed up, and hit the first 1 mile interval at a few seconds below 10K pace. After a very short recovery interval, I then hit a 1K interval at 10 seconds below 5K pace, took another short recovery interval, and then hit a 4/10ths interval at about 3K pace. I had planned to do 4 quarters after that to get 3 miles of intervals in, but I got a case of the "gut cramping wanna puke" sensation, so I took it easy for two miles and headed home. Tomorrow I will be working the local turkey trot. My friend Chris asked me. So, I will be at the main turn around with my scooter all dressed up with balloons and a flag. Never got to work a race before, so it will be fun to yell and harass folks. I will try and run hard on Friday, hit the gym on saturday, and a medium long run on sunday. Then next week, another taper down before the race.
At thanksgiving, I always remember one year when we were living on St. Clair in Painesville, and my son and I went out in the crunching new snow and ran an easy hour and twenty minutes, before coming back to a wonderful Deb dinner. That was one of the last times that he could run slowly enough, and I could go fast enough, to be able to run and talk together. I sure do miss that. He and I sure put in a lot of miles together. Anyway, happy thanksgiving to everyone I love!

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