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Friday, November 25, 2011

Monkey Boy Deux!

Spent a few hours today talking to my best bud Ernie, solving all of the worlds problems the way we want them I got out around 4 P.M. to try and run 5 bye 1K. I wasn't expecting much, as I had run pretty well for 4 days, and ran a lackluster 5 miler on thanksgiving day. As I was warming up, I felt pretty good, and when I hit the first 1K interval, I felt excellent! I did all 5 intervals at 1K (.62 miles Mary!) with quarter mile recovery jogs, all under good control and feeling that there was another gear or two available if I needed them. They averaged about 5 seconds per mile faster than what my previous race predicts my current 10K pace to be. I covered 7 miles on the run, and even the cool down felt good. So, Vitamin "T" seems to still be helping me train harder and recover more fully than I probably deserve at this advanced age, but I will take it. I will run the treadmill easy tomorrow at the gym, and finish the week with an easy 5 miler that should give me about 38 strong miles for the week with three hard workouts. Next week will again be a short tapering week as I get ready to race another 5K next Sunday December 4th. My goal for that race is to run one minute faster than last year. It is a rough gravel and dirt terrain with the last half mile on the roads, so it won't be as fast as last sunday, but I still want to go for this goal!! Monkey boy strikes again!!

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