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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Change Of Plan!

Ran 5 miles tonight, with 4 bye .4 miles at about 10 seconds per mile faster than current 5K pace with .2 mile recoveries. Felt fine, and this will be the last effort full run before Sundays 5K in Las Cruces. Will do 3 on the treadmill tomorrow, 4 easy with a few sprints on Friday, and then Saturday off as I have to go into Las Cruces to pick up my race packet crap for Sunday.
The weather is scheduled to be very cold on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with constant rain. Now this 5K course begins with a half mile of gravel, then a mile and a half in some cornfields, and a mile finish on the roads. The problem is gonna be the children of the corn part in the middle. Last time I ran this it was hard due to the truck tire ruts, but this time, it is gonna be a muddy mess. Runners who are good mudders are often good hill climbers. At this stage of my running life, I am poor at both. Therefore, my strategy will be to not worry about time too much, and try and just run a punishing final mile on the roads and hope I can catch anyone who looks like a near dead geezer like me. Ought to be darned interesting! I will have to try and figure out which shoes to wear!

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