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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grand Master Geezer Gold!

Like Sarah Palin, "I have the fire in my belly to run"! Of course, that pissbag was talking about running for president, which she never intended to do. She just wanted to get lots of money out of the sheeple to buy her Arizona estate and get a free summer vacation on her tour bus. She should be prosecuted. Me, on the other hand, am enjoying my current running and racing in this last age group. I have a real fire in my belly to run. Have to figure out what goals I want to hit in 2012!
Today my bride accompanied me to my 5K in Las Cruces. It sure was nice to have her along. Reminds me of those very happy old days when she took care of Terrible and I. It was a small field, as most of the runners were doing the half. I paced well, and again, had a pretty good gear available to me in the final half mile, although no one was near me that I was trying to catch or escape. I went thru the shoot in 24:57, three minutes faster than last year. My garmin said it was three miles even, and if that was true, it would translate into a 25:53, which is faster than two weeks ago by about 4 seconds per mile. You never know for sure, as it was cold and very overcast, so garmin accuracy isn't always perfect. I am very happy with that. They had first place male catagories for overall, masters, and grand masters (which they did at 50+ when it should have been 60+). In any event, I was the overall grand master champion. I am sure it will be a one of, but that is fine. Carpe deim. Hope to race again somewhere in the next month to keep my training focused.....

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

As Grand Master you have to wear a special hood and robe in your next race. If you win that you become Grand Poobah and will have to wear a water buffalo helmet.

Deb's your lucky charm. you'll need to take her to races more often now.