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Monday, December 5, 2011

I Fought The Blizzard And The Blizzard Won!

Well, for the first time since moving west 10 years ago, the weather has beaten me. Went to run around three this afternoon, and the temp was 27 degrees, with 24 mile per hour northeast winds, with snow and iceballs flying sideways. I got about three quarters of a mile out, and when I turned into the wind, my face froze. Would need the old ohio full face mask with just eye and mouth openings, but I don't have those. The rest of the week looks pretty cold and nasty, especially tomorrow. May hit the gym and do 4 miles of hills to get some effort in tomorrow, and then all this crazy snow shit stops for the rest of the week. It just remains cold. Will not be much of an effort full week, but that is o.k., as I haven't found anything to start training for until January. Boy that fire in the belly just turned into ascending testicles........

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Desert Dirt said...

Looks like you all got more snow than we did in Santa Fe. I know that three miles north of town here they had 3-4 inches, but we otherwise got passed by somehow. Twenty seven degrees with soft snow for footfalls actually sounds pretty nice to a norteno. Keep up the cool stories. Happy running.