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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What An Odd Sight!

Woke up today to about 3"s of snow covering everything, including the roads. The driveway had a drift at the garage door, and all the roads were just ice and snow. Dueschebags were driving too fast and sliding all over hell. They have no idea how to drive in this. Went to the gym and congratulated my friends Chris and AD on their 2:39 and 3:14 marathons in San Diego from Sunday. I think Chris, who turns 40 in February, is realizing that the marathon is no longer fun, and will spend the last few highly competitive years doing senior track and races of 10 miles or less. Had a good treadmill run and lifted weights, and then headed home to await the appraisers arrival. I am in the process of doing a HARP refinance (thanks O'Bama for those recent rule filings!) to bring my mortgage rate down from 6% to 4%, and save $200 bucks a month. That money will go to cover the ever increasing co-pays and deductibles on my health insurance which goes to over $2,000 in 2012. They will surely take all the money I can manage to keep before Deb gets to have me thrown in the big furnace for that final ash bucket. Next 7 days sees general sunny conditions, but the temperature doesn't seem to get above 50 in that period. Luckily, the winds on those days seems to be less than 10 miles per hour, so no nasty wind chills. Well, better get the Scooter Plow out and clean the drive!

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