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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long Garmin Intervals!

After my good race Sunday, I missed Monday due to the blizzard, and ran Tuesday and Friday on the treadmill short and easy. On Wednesday I got a good faster long run in, and a brisk 5 miler on Thursday. Both of those were on roads primarily, due to all the muck on the trails resulting from the melting snow. Between the cold and roads, I have been pretty sore all week. Today, after a long period of stretching, I spent about 30 minutes on the floor with "dick the stick" trying to loos ten everything up, especially that spot where my upper hamstring meets my butt bones. My lower back stretch gets most of it, but there is just that damn spot.....Anyway, I had a nice clear one mile section of packed dirt and fine gravel along country club road that is due to be paved next spring, but is perfect for me now. I put in a good 7 mile run with 4 bye 8/10ths of a mile with 2/10th recoveries. The pace was a strong one, about 8 seconds per repeat faster than I project my new 10K pace based on last Sundays race. A very good workout. Was a cold side wind the whole time. Feel good and sore now, and will hit the floor again with the "stick", and then hit a hot shower. If I can't find a 10K in January, I will just try and get in one or two more 5K's to keep the training focused and the momentum going forward........

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TerribleTerry said...

Ok, ok, enough with sending 20 degree temperatures my way. How about those cookies from mom instead. Brrr!!!!