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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Seem Ready!

On Certain Sundays in November, when the weather bothers me,
I empty drawers of other summers, where my shadows used to be... Counting Crows

Ugly cold wet day today. Glad that I chose to get my long run in yesterday, and a shorter 5 miler today, even though I capped the long run at an hour and a half after running such a good 7 miler on Thursday. Thursday's intervals totaling 3.2 miles at an average pace equal to what I hope to run next Sunday with very short recoveries averaging only .15 miles tells me that barring something odd, I should be ready for a good race. You never know though. After probably over 600 races in my life, your training usually signals what is gonna happen with those odd exceptions that are either good or bad. Big goal this week is really to not hurt myself or get ill. Will do a short taper week and try not to do anything foolish. Making Deb Teriyaki/honey salmon tonight with risotto for her birthday dinner. Gonna eat buffalo burgers tomorrow with small spinach salads. My spinach crop came in good, and I have been eating some mixed with other store bought greens all week. Should have enough for a few more days. Tomorrow I hit 60, something I was not looking forward to and really didn't expect to hit as healthily as I have. I always thought I would be crippled like my dad was at this age with rheumatoid arthritis, and with my 4 back surgeries, surgeries on both feet and getting run over two years ago bye the truck, it is amazing that I am still running 30 plus miles every week. Go figure.....

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