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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keeping The Pilot Lit!

Well, that fire in my belly has been reduced to trying to keep the damn pilot light lit! The weather in December has averaged around 48 degrees and 45% humidity. The long term outlook remains generally unchanged. Far cry from the high 60's and 15% humidity of last December. My knees, especially the crashed one, my ankles, my left foot, and my old hammer toes are all yelling at me in various ways. Again, the engine is rumbling along quite nicely, but the chassis is shaking and spitting nuts and bolts. Ran 7 miles today, with 4.7 of them at 1/2 marathon pace. Good tempo run, but again, I am on the floor with dick the stick working on my butt, calves, and thighs. Later, after a good hot shower, gonna get the golf ball out and work on the feet. Will ask my bride to massage my feet tonight and pull on those toes! Will hold off on the long run until the weekend in the hopes for warmer weather. Tomorrow I head to Las Cruces to get the car's oil change done and a general overall check. Then I will run in the dirt by NMSU, and finish up with some grocery shopping at Albertsons for Suzi's Christmas/New Years visit. Will probably use the holiday week as an easy recovery week and try to get into the new year without too much pain!

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TerribleTerry said...

I had some fun races in that dirt at NMSU. We finished inside the stadium straight across the football field to the goal line.

I do suppose you're like the Chevette my family had as a kid. 200k miles on it and excellent gas mileage.....but the cold north had been pretty rough on it. Pieces were falling off, you could see through holes in the floor, and you had to gingerly close the doors for fear the car would collapse.

Like the're not going to be worth much at the scrap please do take care and avoid the potholes.