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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is There Something More Than What I've Been Handed?

Show me what it's for, make me understand it
I've been crawling in the dark, looking for the answer
Is there something more than what I've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark, looking for the answer
Well, I have been to the gym for the last 4 days spinning for 20 minutes on the bike and doing a split weight routine. Will repeat that tomorrow and saturday, and then take sunday off. No reason to waste the Vitamin "T" running thru my veins. Although there is a small amount of improvement, I seem to be a long way from running again. In times like these, I always wonder how this will all end. I realize that since turning 52, none of the performances that I have been able to drag out of this old chassis seems worth suffering down times when I hurt myself and can't run. I remember an article by McGill about his senior racing team, and how one year after winning a national championship, all 8 of them are struggling with differing injuries. Yes, trying to run as a geezer is fraught with peril. There will always be a heightened risk of injury and infirmity.So, when I ever get back to this running again, I will try to change the way I do this to limit downtime and accept the reduced performance that will accompany this. Longevity will have to be prime, and performance a distant second. The ego has landed. I will go thru my revised training plan on this post in the future, whenever the hell I am able to restart. But, my mileage will not exceed 30 miles per week over 6 running days, my speedwork will be limited to 8 weeks in prep for a specific event, and I will return to the style of training that I followed in my 30's and 40's. As my boy says, the "operator" needs to run this machine much better.....

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TerribleTerry said...

Well, with your new vitamins you couldn't have known your limits. You pushed beyond the limit and are paying for it. Now that you know exactly where it can enjoy everything right up to the edge of that. Like you've always said "Running is an experiment of one."